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Mini Maracas Party Favors

Our Mini Maracas party favors are peerless for your next party! These favors are 6 pieces that will light up when you tuck them into your dress code, they are 6. 3 inches in diameter and come with a plastic Maracas toy for fun, plus, if you want to add a little bit of flavor, we have Mini chili powder treats for the potluck game.

Maraca Party Favors

This fun and unique party favor is sensational for your child's next maraca party! These Mini Maracas are valuable addition to all party, or just for fun! They look fantastic as is, or with their favorite hobby game (like soccer, football, or basketball), ) or even a photo session with your favorite maraca player! This party favor Maracas is a terrific substitute to add some fun and color to your favorite products. The miniaturized wood yelps and bells with different designs and colors, are sensational for leading organdy or for use in a fun parade. This party favor Maracas is a valuable alternative for a fun event or as a personal favorite, it’s soft, colorful, and enticing for any function. Mini Maracas toys are top-of-the-heap substitute to make your Mini Maracas party stand out, these noisemakers will add a touch of excitement to your dance floor. The colors will be difficult to resist! Mini Maracas party favors are sterling for your next fun event, with 6 pieces in all it can become a fun and festive occasion. The favors can be personalized with your favorite songs and cast in any color you want, whether you’re digging for a simple design or a more piece, these Mini Maracas party favors are top-of-the-heap option.